• Emirates Environmental Technology, Info@eet-uae.com

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of our environment, is to get everybody involved.” – Richard Rogers

Our Mission

EET aims to optimize the processing of various waste streams to recover high quality resources for reuse by worldwide customers in the agricultural, recycling and manufacturing industries – creating a sustainable economic value and contributing to the maintenance of a healthier environment.

Our Vision

EET strives to be a regional leading environmental technology services company that is committed to create value from waste and dedicated to promote environmental responsibilities.

Our Values

EET plants operate 24/7 at full capacity, to ensure optimal speed and efficiency in services and production processes, thus, catering to customers’ needs and promoting the financial viability of recycling.

Our roadmap for a sustainable future involves the continuous recovering of resources, the improvement of existing soils, and the use of the most efficient technology operated to the highest standards.

Our wide scope of services and products combined with high-standard manufacturing accuracy and consistency, monitored by a rigorous quality control system are our customers’ guarantee of excellence and reliability.

We at EET can proudly claim utmost respect, honesty and transparency vis-a-vis our customers and employees. We deliver what we promise.

Our ethical standards extend further to include social responsibility and civil awareness which translate in our keenness and dedication to safeguard and improve our environment.