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Cultiva Compost continues to make its mark on the landscape of Abu Dhabi

As Cultiva Compost continues to make its mark on the landscape of Abu Dhabi, here’s a pair of photos featuring the landmark building Nation Towers on the Corniche, seen from two sides, from two sites where Cultiva is currently being used in new landscape construction.

On the left, Cultiva, a 100% Emirati product made from recycled organic waste, is being applied to trees, shrubs, ground cover and new grass on the ‘Al Bahar @ The Beach’ development by Miral, where our client is the landscaping contractor Bloom Landscape.

On the right, Cultiva use is well under way on Al Nareel Island, an exclusive Emirati residential development by Aldar, where our client is Gulf Contracting (GCC).

We work closely with all our clients, visiting the sites to assist in best practice application rates and methods, ensuring the building of sustainable soils that give better plant performance leading to reduced water and chemical fertilizers. Dramatic structures such as Nation Towers (and the new ADNOC HQ also featured) define the dramatic vision of Abu Dhabi, but paying attention to the soil underfoot, making it real, living and sustainable, also contributes to the true realization of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

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6th Annual Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2018

Enrich and EET showcased Cultiva Compost at the Middle East Smart Landscape Summit on May 7-8, 2018 at Sofitel The Palm Resort & Spa in Dubai. The Summit is regarded as the best networking event in the UAE for landscaping professionals, suppliers and government agencies, and we had a steady stream of people from all over the UAE and Middle East come to visit us and exchange views and connections. Our message was ‘Smart Sustainable Soil Management’, and that Cultiva Compost, made in Al Ain from 100% recycled organics, helps to create living sustainable soils, even in the harshest desert conditions. Pictured in front of the Cultiva stand are Tim Duggan, Founder and MD of Enrich Environmental (Ireland), Hatem Shafeq, Compost Plant Manager for EET, and yours truly as UAE Country Manager for Enrich.

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Cultiva top dress compost used at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Our Cultiva compost, in fine mode (0-5mm), being used to top dress a fairway at Jumeirah Golf Estates this week. By changing their turf management practices in 2017, led by Chief Agronomist Mark Tupling, JGE have, for the first time in their history, not had to do any re-sodding or grass replacement on the tee boxes of the Earth course. Introducing Cultiva has strengthened the soil structure, deepened the root zone (making the roots more resistant to drought and high temperatures), and greatly reduced water and chemical fertiliser requirements. Cultiva is made from recycled organic green and food waste, and we are thrilled to see the results in the ground validating our expectations

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Island of Science Event

In light of Innovations Month, EET has participated in the ‘Island of Science’ event from 15 – 21 February, 2018. The event organized by Shurooq in collaboration with government institutions, universities and individuals to deliver a specially curated series of workshops and exhibitions that aim at initiating our community space towards Environmental Innovation. Ronan Duffy, Enrich Country Manager,  represented EET and Enrich through conducting a presentation on Cultiva and the importance of sustainable soil and the compost product benefits.The workshop was attended by experts in the field of environment.

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Gulf Contractors Irrigation, Agriculture & Landscape, one of the UAE’s leading landscaping and irrigation contractors, has selected Cultiva compost for master developer Aldar’s dramatic and exclusive Al Nareel Island development, at Bateen in central Abu Dhabi.

The Nareel Island project is spread over two connected islands comprising 148 high-end villas located on the coast at Al Bateen. The project also involves a lagoon, marina, clubhouse, open parks, private beaches, pontoons and gardens.

Key to the selection of Cultiva was the technical input by the EET/Enrich soils team. Soil is a balance of chemical, physical and biological elements, and the Team’s deep understanding of how active management of sandy soils using a strong compost like Cultiva can address the threats to soil quality that are common in the region – Compaction, Erosion, Pollution, Salinity, Water Retention and Low Nutrient Levels.

With the Enrich/EET technical team’s international experience in soil management, Cultiva will build a strong, living, sustainable soil at Al Nareel Island.

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A central part of the Cultiva team’s commitment to sustainability, which is at the heart of the EET – Enrich culture, and strongly supported by Tadweer (Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi), is the concept of ‘Closing the Loop’.

This means the diversion of green and food waste from landfill, its true conversion into a high quality slow release compost, and its return to the land to create sustainable soil, to ensure successful planting, and to reduce the requirement for water and chemical fertiliser.

But we can go further. Our QA system (using a HACCP plan) allows us to record and track every input used in every batch of Cultiva produced, so that a customer can send us their green or food waste and we can return that exact waste to the customer’s land as part of a tracked Cultiva Compost batch.

For example, the photo on left below is of a horse manure and American Southern Pine chip mix from the stables at Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club. We incorporate this waste into our Cultiva ‘recipe’, track it through the 12-week composting process, and return it as finished compost to the Club, where is has already been used in top dressing and tree planting (photo on right).

This is a perfect example of how the UAE can apply a practical solution to meet its sustainability goals – a true green ‘win-win’!

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The Cultiva team works closely with specialist practitioners in all aspects of horticulture in the UAE, such as general landscaping (construction and maintenance), sports turf and nurseries.

In the case of plant and tree nurseries, combining the local knowledge and hard experience of the nursery manager with the soil science expertise of the Enrich soils group, several well-structured scientific trials are ongoing with our partner clients in Marmara Nursery in Al Khazna, Acacia Nursery in Dubai and at Barari Nursery in Al Foah (Al Ain).

We cooperate to find the optimum mixes for different plant types (from cuttings, through seasonals, shrubs and ground covers to small and large trees and palms). We can carry out specialized chemical analysis of leaf and herbage to identify nutrient deficiencies, and we monitor both the physical and microbiological characteristics of growing mediums. This joint approach leads to a deeper understanding of optimum mixes, ensure higher survival, better growth and strong plants, and assists toward substantially reducing the usage of water, chemical fertilizers and unsustainable peat moss

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A recent information morning was held at the EET-run Compost Plant in Al Ain, where Cultiva was explained to a group of Landscape maintenance contractors working in different sectors for Al Ain City Municipality.

The group was given a tour of the Cultiva production facility, led by Compost Plant Manager Mr Hatem Shafeq, followed by a short presentation on the quality control system rigorously applied to every stage, using a HACCP plan, to ensure consistency of product, zero weeds and a pleasant earthy odor.

The meeting was addressed by Ronan Duffy (UAE Country Manager of Enrich, EET’s partner in Cultiva), Kevin McCabe, (Enrich’s Turf Care Specialist), Eng. Tareq Abdulla Al Zarouni (Head of Operations & Maintenance Section, Parks & Recreation Department – Southern Sector, Al Ain City Municipality), and by Eng. Khaled Rashed Al Khanbashi (Mechanical Projects Engineer, Facilities and Projects, Tadweer/Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi), and Mr Elie Wehbe (Operation Director, EET).

All involved enjoyed the useful exchange of information, on both the technical and commercial levels.

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Envirowalk Festivity Day at Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo has celebrated the annual “Envirowalk Day” on the 27th of February 2016 where the zoo visitors, volunteers and zoo employees will walk through the zoo for a distance of about 1.5 Km. EET has participated as part of our environmental responsibility towards our community.

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