A central part of the Cultiva team’s commitment to sustainability, which is at the heart of the EET – Enrich culture, and strongly supported by Tadweer (Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi), is the concept of ‘Closing the Loop’.

This means the diversion of green and food waste from landfill, its true conversion into a high quality slow release compost, and its return to the land to create sustainable soil, to ensure successful planting, and to reduce the requirement for water and chemical fertiliser.

But we can go further. Our QA system (using a HACCP plan) allows us to record and track every input used in every batch of Cultiva produced, so that a customer can send us their green or food waste and we can return that exact waste to the customer’s land as part of a tracked Cultiva Compost batch.

For example, the photo on left below is of a horse manure and American Southern Pine chip mix from the stables at Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club. We incorporate this waste into our Cultiva ‘recipe’, track it through the 12-week composting process, and return it as finished compost to the Club, where is has already been used in top dressing and tree planting (photo on right).

This is a perfect example of how the UAE can apply a practical solution to meet its sustainability goals – a true green ‘win-win’!