The Cultiva team works closely with specialist practitioners in all aspects of horticulture in the UAE, such as general landscaping (construction and maintenance), sports turf and nurseries.

In the case of plant and tree nurseries, combining the local knowledge and hard experience of the nursery manager with the soil science expertise of the Enrich soils group, several well-structured scientific trials are ongoing with our partner clients in Marmara Nursery in Al Khazna, Acacia Nursery in Dubai and at Barari Nursery in Al Foah (Al Ain).

We cooperate to find the optimum mixes for different plant types (from cuttings, through seasonals, shrubs and ground covers to small and large trees and palms). We can carry out specialized chemical analysis of leaf and herbage to identify nutrient deficiencies, and we monitor both the physical and microbiological characteristics of growing mediums. This joint approach leads to a deeper understanding of optimum mixes, ensure higher survival, better growth and strong plants, and assists toward substantially reducing the usage of water, chemical fertilizers and unsustainable peat moss