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Compost Plant (CULTIVA):

  • EET in collaboration with “Enrich”, an Irish based award winning compost production company operate the Compost Plant facility, CP, in Al Ain city. Organic fraction from various waste streams are processed and transformed into high-quality organic fertilizers and soil conditioners for different end usages and applications.
  • Being established leaders in environmental resource recovery, EET and Enrich have shared vision of a sustainable future which emphasizes recovering resources from solid waste in a manner which creates value while protecting and improving the environment.
  • Our Compost Production is being marketed under the brand name “CULTIVA”
    • Cultiva Horticultural Products are specifically designed for local UAE soils.
    • Cultiva Products are produced in a way that ensures they meet Ireland’s compost standard I.S. 441 and European Standards. Compost and Top Dressing work in harmony with the soil and the local environment and enhance the soil’s own natural ability to support plant life.