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Our Human Resources have witnessed a remarkable growth over the years. Currently, our team counts more than —- employees distributed between Sharjah’s main office and Al Ain plants. EET’s manpower includes Management, Marketing, Administrative, and Technical professionals and experts.

Marwan Salha

CEO|الرئيس التنفيذي

Marwan Salha is a CPA and a multifaceted management professional with over 32 years experience in financial and operational management roles.

Elie Wehbe

Director of Operations|مدير العمليات

Elie Wehbe is a Mechanical Engineer with 24 years of experience in plastic manufacturing, plastic recycling, waste management

Rony Ghazy

CFO|المدير المالي التنفيذي

Rony Ghazy is a senior finance professional holding a Master Degree in Finance with over 21 years of experience in accounting, financial planning & management

Tim Duggan

Compost & Soil Consultant|مستشار في السماد والتربة

Tim Duggan is founder and Managing Director of Enrich Environmental Limited, an award-winning compost and soil company

Joe Coffey

Engineering & Recycling Consultant|مستشار في الهندسة وإعادة التدوير

Joe Coffey has more than 30 years of experience in providing cost effective engineering solutions to the quarrying, mining, waste sorting, compost and recycling plants.

Brian Keenan

Landfill Consultant|مستشار مناجم ومصانع نفايات

Brian Keenan is a Chartered Engineer with a range of Waste Management expertise with extensive knowledge in Sub-Surface Exploration, Landfill Design and Construction Supervision.

Jerry Jin

Recycling Consultant|مستشار في اعادة التدوير

Jerry Jin acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise relating to plastic recycling business since he started his career in 2001.