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Landfill Extension

   Facts & Technical Details:

  • Total area of landfill Cell 1a: 165.500 m2
  • Total capacity of Cell 1a: 3.100.000 m3
  • Total surface area of Cell 1a: 118.772 m2
  • Maximum elevation: 97.42 m altitude
  • Surrounding surface level: 64.00 m altitude
  • Planned operation of Cell 1a: 2007 – 2011
  • Construction work started in summer 2007
  • Project handover to Be’aah (Sharjah’s Waste Management Governmental Entity) took place in spring 2008

Work done:

  • Analyzed and designed the necessary excavation work to maximize the landfill volume
  • The bottom of the landfill was sealed by a combination of bentonite mineral liner and HDPE geo-membrane.
  • The liner was protected by a layer of geo-textiles on which used tires are placed and filled up with clean gravel.
  • Installed leachate collection system, side partitions, and provisions for future LFG collection